What Items Are a Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Useful for?

Published on 2/13/2024

climate controlled self storage

Are you thinking of investing in a storage unit? Do you have anything fragile, irreplaceable, or sensitive to the changes in climate such as humidity? Then climate controlled self storage is essential to ensuring your items last. Here are some products that you would need it for.


According to NeighborBlog, there are about 50,523 storage facilities in the United States. Using climate controlled self storage is essential for your furniture, especially wood, because changes in humidity could cause your items to warp, crack, and even develop mold. You don't want to come back for your furniture only to find out they're no longer usable to sit or sleep on.


Do you pride yourself on your art collection? You should, as art is one of a kind and can increase in value over time. Art is also a part of your overall estate portfolio. If you’re an artist and need to store some of your artwork, you’ll especially want to protect your creativity from harm. If you've ever been to a museum or gallery, you may have noticed that those places are never hot because they need to keep the temperature cool enough to avoid damaging the artwork.


Do you have several electronics such as computers, television sets, and appliances? If you don't store them in an area with a controlled temperature, it could cause them to ruin prematurely. As a result, you may have many expensive replacements on your hands. Even if those items aren't ruined from a lack of temperature control, they could be dangerous to use going forward. Don't risk it. If you must store these items, use the right type of self storage.


Photographs capture your memories from years or even decades ago. If you have certain photographs such as Polaroids that haven't been digitized yet, they’re capable of disintegrating over time. Your once-clear images may get to the point where no one could recognize anyone in them. Don't ruin your precious memories by not taking care of them.

As you can see, you don't want to put your items in just any type of storage unit. With climate controlled self storage, your artwork, furniture, photographs, electronics, and anything else that's fragile will be in an ideal environment where you can pick them up in the same condition that you left them in. Contact Secure Storage Solutions today to rent a space.